Jackson’s Landscape Design are dedicated to serving you with excellence in garden design and landscaping throughout the county of Devon. Take a look at our garden design process

Garden Design Consultation:

After making contact with me, an initial visit will be scheduled that is convenient for all parties to discuss your plans, take a brief and explore its potential. Part of this process involves what budget you have available and whether it is sufficient to cover the project in order to do it justice.

At this stage, I present myself along with a full presentation package and portfolio Cd, I will discuss the design process and show you my portable design portfolio.

I will listen to your aspirations, discuss themes and how you would like to use your garden. Your likes and dislikes are paramount to the overall design and will be discussed at this meeting.

Should you wish to commission me to draft 3D concepts and a final plan for your new garden landscape design then your realistic budget must be discussed, for my design fees click here.

Following on from the initial meeting, a design brief will then be formulated and a written quotation will be provided for the estimated design commission fees.

Site Survey / Analysis:

Upon acceptance of the design commission fee, a return visit will be arranged to measure up, take photographs, soil samples and where possible put a drone in the air in order to produce an accurate survey for the garden project. For example, up to 100sqm, (10m x 10m), you will expect this to last a minimum of two hours.

The site survey / analysis is an accurate survey and analysis of the existing garden, consisting of full measurements, soil samples and many photographs.

All structures or plants that are to remain will be included within the survey.

For larger complex sites we may require a third party to survey the land at an additional fee. The surveyors fee will be quoted for prior to any surveys commencing.

Garden design site survey

Drone Survey:

Manage, Measure, and communicate your landscaping projects site progress with drone data.


Where possible and the wind is below 13mph,  I use a Typhoon 500+ as a design tool. Giving me a birds-eye-view of your property which allows me to see the proposed garden landscape from a new perspective.

I use drone mapping combined with the latest 3D CAD software, which I then draft your bespoke 3D, colour, design.

Having realised that instead of simply giving me a new perspective the drone serves as an essential design tool. For my garden design service the drone mapping saves me time and you money by streamlining the site survey process, allowing me to see the correct angles and contours of the perimeters in which I create within.

Drone data mapping garden survey

Concept Plan:

Taking into account all the information collected from our previous meetings and brief, a CAD 3D concept plan will be produced, outlining the proposed design ideas for your new garden. You will expect this process to take 3-4 weeks.

The concept plan will consist of:

(1x) A3, 297x420mm, colour, rendered 2D, CAD plan-view drawing.

Minimum (5x) A3, 297x420mm, elevation 3D CAD drawings, coloured.

Garden design concept plans Devon

Final Plan:

Once the concept plan has been signed off, a detailed final plan will be drawn illustrating the final chosen garden design. You will expect this process to take 1-2 weeks from the concept plan sign off.

The final plan will consist of:

(1x) A3, 297x420mm, colour, rendered 2D, CAD plan-view drawing.

(5x) A3, 297x420mm, elevation 3D CAD drawings, coloured.

Final plans Landscaping in Devon

One common reason a project falls short of a clients expectations and aspirations has been the ambition to carry out too much without sufficient funding. We will advise you honestly on what you can expect to achieve for the money you have to spend.

Please remember that you can’t buy an Armani suit with Primark money !!


We will then supply you with a detailed quotation, terms and conditions and all relevant supporting information as well as an acceptance form for you to sign and return.

All I ask is you have the common courtesy to reply to my quotation and advise me on your decision, nothing more disheartening than spending my quality time working out and issuing a quote and not even receiving a reply !!

Layout Plans:

These plans are essential for our in house landscaping team, providing them with required information to set out the new design and proceed efficiently with your new garden project.


Having agreed the all elements you want to include in your new garden, moodboards and web links will help focus and visualise on your new creation, these visualisations will clearly show the collage of all your materials, colours, plants, images and objects which inspire, target desires and facilitate creativity and innovation for your new project.

The mood board presentation will consist of:

(1x) A3, 297x420mm, colour  / material presentations.

Garden design mood board

Planting Plan:

Having taken into consideration of site access, soil conditions, planting locations, a hand drawn or 3D planting plan can be drafted at your request. All plants will include full names, positions and quantities of plants for each planting area, the planting plan will be numbered with the correct plant information required.

The planting scheme will complete your new garden providing the area with year round interest and enjoyment.

An easy to understand maintenance schedule, for your new garden, can also be provided if necessary, to help with the caring of your outdoor area.

Follow up advisory visits are offered if required to ensure the garden continues to develop as intended.

Quality contemporary gardens Exeter Devon

My primary aim is your complete satisfaction … I look forward to being of service to you.