Bespoke garden furniture 

Are you looking for something different, whether it’s for the interior or in the garden for a landscape project?

Nothing comes close to the beauty of natural wood. We design and install unique ranges of luxury bespoke garden furniture that will stand the test of time.

Bespoke timber products made in Devon

Bespoke timber garden furniture

Jackson’s Landscape Design from Newton Abbot, Devon have the machinery and knowledge to design and create any timber product for your home or garden and landscape design which is cut and delivered solely for your bespoke projects.

All our timber is locally felled and processed with very low transport miles and is produced in the most environmentally sustainable method available.

Please be aware that all timber will crack and move with heat and rain, the wood cracks due to differential shrinkage. this happens because the outer fibers of the wood dry first and begin to shrink. However, the core has not yet begun to dry and shrink, and consequently, the shell is restrained from shrinking by the core. I’ve had to include this due to one or two people contacting me to tell me that their bespoke table tops have a crack…….its wood!

Bespoke planters on castors 

Bespoke garden planters

– Round peeled treated stakes, rails etc…

– All types of timber fencing supplied and fitted

– Custom built stables, sheds, summerhouses and garages

– All types of gates and doors designed, built and fitted

– Refuge bin storage, pergolas, kennels, compost containers, exterior bars

– Lintels, fireplace lintels, table tops, garden furniture, bespoke building cladding.

– Picnic tables, benches, planters, fencing sheds and man caves !!

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality bespoke garden furniture and also every aspect of garden design and landscaping

My primary aim is your complete satisfaction … I look forward to being of service to you.