Jackson’s Landscape Design of Newton Abbot, Devon have been appointed Devon’s designer and installer of the stunning Saige Longlife Composite decking. This decking creates a unique and beautiful outdoor living area that improves your lifestyle and your gardens, landscaping, swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, lodges, balconies, gazebos bridges, boardwalks, caravan decks, static mobile homes your properties kerb appeal.

Composite decking is an environmentally sourced alternative to more traditional timber decking that looks and cuts just like wood but with added advantages of no splinters, rotting or warping, no need for sanding, painting or sealing and above all, we are so confident in our product that it comes with a premium warranty.

Composite Decking Designer Devon

Composite Decking swimming pool surround

Look no further for your bespoke composite decking installations! As a garden designer, landscaper, decking designer and installer, we offer a full 3D design and extremely high-quality decking and deck installation service which is crafted around you and your gardens landscaping requirements.

Millboard composite decking Torquay Devon

The Many Benefits of Composite Decking

I am excited about the numerous colors of composite decking on offer to you, in fact, it’s endless! Just a little notice is required for your bespoke color requirements.

I also like the fact that the hidden screw clip system is easy on the eye and the overall aesthetics of the garden deck and your landscaping project.

Composite decking is quick and simple to construct, the composite material is easy to cut to the required shapes and will require far less maintenance than a conventional wooden deck!

It is also considerably cheaper than wood – an important consideration in today’s economic climate!

Reasons to choose composite decking over a softwood deck:


– Anti-splinter
– Free of Toxic Additives
– Hidden fixing system
– Heat resistant


– 10-year full Manufacturer’s Warranty
– Expected Lifespan of over 50 years Environmentally Friendly

Made from Recycled Materials which vastly outperforms wood, whilst maintaining a wood-like appearance

– Slip Resistant
– Eliminates warping, splitting, woodworm and rotting
– Fungi and mold growth are drastically reduced over conventional lumber
– Consistent Product Color
– Resistance to insect and termite attacks
– Low Water Absorption rate of approximately 0.5% whilst wood can be up to 100%

Easy to Install & Cut

– Consistent in size and shape
– Lightweight
– 2 Style Options on One board

Really Low maintenance

– No need to paint, sand and seal each year
– Cheaper than conventional wood over time

Composite decking Exeter

What is Composite Decking made of?

Composite Decking is very eco-friendly! Whilst we cannot release the secret recipe of the decking I can confirm that there is no glue involved in the process. It is a fairly straightforward two-phase process as detailed below:

First, recycled wood flour and recycled plastic are mixed and heated to melting point. In this step, the wood and plastic is uniformed mixing, with a ratio of about 4:5. Whilst the mixed material is cooled down the particles bond together (particle caking). The second part of the process is that the mixture is put into the extrusion machine, then it is heated again (at about 200C). The melting material is then forced through the tooling and shaped and cooled. As soon as it is made into the desired shape, then it is cut at the required length and finished on a separate machine with larger brushes to create a brushed effect.

Composite Decking fabrication

What to look out for when comparing SAiGE Composite decking with others is by looking at the profile of the board to check how well the components have been mixed together, if you can see white flecks in the cut end grain of the decking then this shows that the mixture has not been bound properly and you will potentially get problems with your decking due to the white lumps of wood swelling and popping the deck boards….. this would be a complete waste of money.

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