Artificial Grass Supply and Installation

Jackson’s Landscape Design offers artificial lawn design, together with artificial grass supply and installation throughout Devon.

Grono approved and with a 10-year guarantee, our quality and realistic artificial grass looks beautiful all year round – perfect for gardens, lawns and play areas.

With all the natural appearance of turf coupled with everyday convenience, artificial grass and is the perfect low maintenance solution.


✓ No mowing   ✓ No urine burns   ✓ No sowing   ✓ No weeding   ✓ No feeding.   All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Realistic Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

The artificial grass product range offers a variety of grass types to suit all needs and requirements. The artificial lawn we use is one of the most realistic artificial grass lawns available, with a dead grass thatch that creates a more authentic appearance.

Each product is produced to the highest possible standards to give you a flawless, durable, low maintenance lawn. All of our grass is child and pet-friendly, providing a safe outdoor environment for all the family to enjoy.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are many benefits of having artificial grass, sometimes known as astroturf, fake grass or synthetic grass.

• No more watering

• No more maintenance

• High UV resistance

• A natural grass finish

• Always green

• No more muddy patches or canine urine burns

• Useable all year round

• No more mowing and plus no carbon emissions from petrol-driven lawn mowers, therefore reducing your carbon footprint.

 • No fertilisers needed. Thus pollution from water run off carrying chemicals into the drains is minimised.

• Ideal for pets and children. We would recommend a number of products for their natural looking appearance, these are
the best fake turf on the market and is virtually indistinguishable from real grass when viewed close up and from a distance.

• Perfect for hayfever sufferers, people with second homes, pets and even elderly people who find it difficult maintaining their lawn.

Our artificial lawns look authentic even when seen close-up

Laying Artificial Grass

Certain points should be considered when laying artificial grass. When Jackson’s Landscape Design is commissioned to install artificial grass, we ensure the highest grade materials are used. Each job is unique and several key factors affect what products are used. For instance, we take into consideration the following:

• Ground stabilisation

• Drainage requirements

• Edging restraints

• Artificial grass softness

• Wear and tear – children, pets

• Safety play areas to act as a shock pad.

Artificial lawn Kingsteignton, Devon

The site preparation is critical to the successful installation and many companies will advise you that the soil only has to be removed to a depth of 3-5 cm and a weed membrane laid, followed by a thin compacted layer of coarse aggregate (if lucky!!), sand and then lay the artificial grass.

To make your life easier when planning the size of the area you require to install your new lawn, why not download this easy to use lawn planner, once completed with your dimensions I can arrange for a quotation of the product with the installation.

Artificial Grass Installation

Be mindful that on cheaper artificial lawns which require being “filled” (top-dressed) with sand requires more ongoing maintenance and ideally re-sanded every year.

Jackson’s Landscape Design don’t use any product that requires sand installed within the grain to make the lawn stand up straight, the fibres are extremely dense and do not need sand. Sand is an inconvenience that causes mess all around the garden, in the house, it really does get everywhere, thus creating an unnecessary workload in cleaning up!


A Modern Garden with a Realistic Artificial Lawn 

Artificial Grass

The artificial grass installation process that we recommend encompasses the following:

• Removal of existing lawn to an approx depth of 75-100mm subject to ground conditions

• Installation of stone edgings on a concrete bed and haunched with concrete

• Installation of tanilised timber edging where absolutely necessary

• Install commercial grade geo-textile membrane

• Installation of a consolidated DTP Type 1 granular sub base

• Final levelling of the ground by applying a layer of consolidated sharp sand

• Jointing tape for all project over 4M wide

• Aqua bond adhesive

 Close up image of our quality artificial grass

quality artificial grass

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