Jackson’s Landscape Design, design and install all types of wooden fencing

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Do you have a small repair or require a complete fencing make over, Jackson’s landscape Design are the fencing contractors you’ve been searching the web for. We  undertake all types of domestic fencing construction. So finally you’ve found your local fencing contractors who can meet all your fencing, balustrade and handrail requirements

For Jackson’s Landscape Design we have always included the elements of wood when required in the design.

Using only FSC, The Forest Stewardship Council, certificated materials gives you peace of mind that trees are being replaced as we continue to use timber.

Boundary line perimeter fences can be bold in existence, even intrusive to the design and overall garden, however when implemented correctly with the use of creative design, craftsmen ship and stunning planting schemes the fence lends its self beautifully to the over all aesthetics of the finished garden.

Fencing Devon

 Here’s How

Our team of expert fence erectors can guide you in your choice of fence, then supply you with a fixed quote before we proceed with any preparation work, so you know exactly what you’re going to be getting and at what price. We pride ourselves on providing a complete high quality fence installation and maintenance service and also every aspect of garden design and landscaping services. Our attention to detail may shock you, but this is what we do, our fences are secure and level, this should go without saying but it’s not always the case, with us, it is!  


Maintenance Service

Our products are environmentally friendly and have carbon zero status. Fence treatment can be the job you just love to put off from year to year, but left untreated your fence or external wooden structures will very soon need costly repairs or even a full replacement that can run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Let us do the job you hate! When we prepare and paint your fence it will look refreshed and last much longer than untreated… Guaranteed! .

We don’t believe in pressure sales, we insist on providing an honest up front pricing policy. So book your fence treatment now and let the team do the rest. Your fence will look refreshed and will last many years longer


Fence Construction and Maintenance

Need a new fence? Well that’s what we do! Specialists in all fence types and construction methods. Choose from Standard Lap, Super Lap, Feather Edge or Closeboard; maybe even go for our lovely Nordic Panel Fencing. Standard and non-standard size gates manufactured to order. Please contact us for a free quotation and work samples.

The range of timber treatments has been specially developed for use with both plain and rough sawn timber used in the shed and fence manufacturing industry. In addition to enhancing the natural texture of the timber, products in the range contain water repellent additives and biocides to give lasting protection against weather and wood destroying bacteria.

We offer a range of popular colour finishes and all our products benefit from the following

• Non flammable
• Low odour
• Excellent colour retention
• Good weather resistance
• Resistance to wood destroying fungi
• This paint is safe to plants, children and animals; it is water based and solvent free


My primary aim is your complete satisfaction … I look forward to being of service to you.