It is now law that surface water run-off from gardens should be controlled so that flooding is avoided, this means that SUDS is a requirement

Home-owners and landscaping companies have a duty of care and a legal obligation to discharge surface water, that cannot naturally find its way into the sub-soil, into a proper drainage channel.

In 2008, the government passed a law that prevents homeowners from paving over front gardens without making adequate provision for the run-off from the surface water.

Jackson’s Landscape Design is certified to advise on and carry out installations where the observation of the SUDS law is a requirement.

Flooding at Teigngrace

What is SUDS?

SUDS is an approach to managing rainfall in development that replicates natural drainage.

It aims to:

* Prevent pollution
* Control flooding
* Recharge groundwater
* Enhance the environment

Run-off is collected and stored to allow natural cleaning to occur prior to infiltration or controlled release to watercourses.

SUDS techniques allow natural drainage to function in the landscape surrounding development.

There are four general design options:

* Filter strips and swales
* Filter drains and permeable surfaces
* Infiltration devices
* Basins and ponds

The image is of a contemporary drive design in Exeter that complies with the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems obligations.

It is important to understand how these techniques work together to provide the aims of SUDS in the most practical, cost-effective and beneficial way.

Environment Agency – Guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens

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